Body Wash - Silky Allover Hair & Body Shampoo

Wash your hair and body with this all-in-one product, and you'll be Silky Allover! 6 oz bottle.
Vendor: Bath Junkie

Keep it simple. When your bathtub is lined with half-used bottles of goo, and your shower caddy is teeming with products you never cared to try twice, think simple. Simplify your life with Silky Allover Hair & Body Shampoo. This one stop wash cleans the top of your thinker, to the tips of your toes. Our pH balanced hair & body shampoo contains aloe vera & vitamin E, which strengthens and conditions your hair, while softening your skin. Guaranteed to leave you silky smooth and oh so clean! A real Bath Junkie, junkie will have a different body wash blend for every day of the week.

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