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Bringing handmade + vintage + well made goods to you. 

nine + roxy return policy: Items must be returned in original UNUSED condition within 15 days of receipt of item for store credit only. All Jewelry + Vintage  sales are final. Shipping charges are not refundable. New shipping charges will apply to new item purchased. Please feel free to email any questions at  or call/text 317-459-7604 and leave a message so that we can get back to you.

If you're looking for something specific please reach out, we're glad to help. 

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ap: Palo Santo Sticks nine + roxy

Palo Santo sticks

ap: Sage Smudge Bundle nine + roxy

Sage Smudge Bundle

ap: Selenite Good Vibes Bundle nine + roxy

Selenite good vibes bundle

ap: Wild Rose Soap Bar nine + roxy

wild rose soap bar

hd: acacia wood serving board nine + roxy

13.75" black acacia wood serving board

hd: Acacia Wood Tongs nine + roxy

10" acacia wood tongs perfect for charcuterie boards

hd: Amethyst Wine Glasses nine + roxy

Mid Century amethyst wine glasses

hd: Billiard Cocktail Glasses nine + roxy

Billiard Cocktail Glasses

hd: Blue Bud Vase Trio nine + roxy

A trio of small ceramic bud vases

hd: Brown Bud Vase Trio nine + roxy

A trio of small ceramic bud vases

hd: Cobalt Coffee Mug Trio nine + roxy

coffee mug trio

hd: coffee mug nine + roxy

periwinkle coffee mug