Candles - Lotion Candles by Creative Energy

The Creative Energy Candle is a organic scented hand-poured soy candle that, when burned, melts to create a beautiful scent, as well as a healthy body lotion suitable for skin. 5 oz Glass
Vendor: Bath Junkie

Our unique recipe has natural anti-aging properties as well as a moisturizing effect, when applied to the skin.

A healthy combo of vitamins A, E and K, minerals and antioxidant properties.

All of our candles are 100% all natural, using only the finest quality of soybean wax, natural essential oils and certified organic extra virgin coconut oil.

These Earth bound properties play a major role in protecting our skins elasticity and our over all balance of healthy skin.

Pour a small amount of melted wax into palm of your hand, and gently massage onto the hands, feet or back. Or just sit back and enjoy the wonderful fragrance of your Creative Energy Candle.

Citrus Basil & Wild Mint - This energizing scent will put a spring in your step! A refreshing blend of citrus and herbs, topped with sweet basil, lime and wild mint, ending with an added blend of amber. This is the perfect scent for anyone who loves a light, clean smelling candle.

Hannah Lily, Rose & Grapefruit - A clean fragrance of fresh lily, crisp white grapefruit and a touch of rose. Designed to make you feel like you just stepped out into a spring rain.

Moroccan Teakwood  - Top notes of leather, tobacco, amber and musk. The base note is aged teakwood with tones of patchouli and sandlewood.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus - The oils in the peppermint and eucalyptus candle give the skin a cooling and invigorating sensation, making it a favorite among day spas and massage therapists. Great as a masculine or feminine scent.


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