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Bathtub Tea Bath Junkie

Bathtub Teas are handmade with all-natural herbs, flowers and essential oils, providing all the therapeutic benefits of an herbal bath without the mess. They can be used in the bathtub or as a facial steam. Bathtub Teas fit nicely inside of a greeting card.

Be Curly Set Pure Concepts Salon

Our 4-step curl-perfecting system dramatically reduces frizz and defines curl. Aveda's own pure-fume™ aroma with certified organic lemon, bergamot, orange and other pure flower and plant essences.

Beard Oil, Shea & Jojoba Bath Junkie

Instantly groom, soften and add sheen to your beard with this nourishing oil. Crafted with 98% certified organic ingredients, including quickly absorbing castor and jojoba oils and African miracle oils of Shea, argan and baobab to moisturize the skin below. Apply a few drops in the palm and massage evenly into beard hair. Use daily for noticeable improvement.

Beer + Cigarettes Candle Rusted Window

Beer + Cigarettes Candle

Beer + Cigarettes Hand and Body Wash Rusted Window

Beer + Cigarettes Hand and Body Wash

Beer + Cigarettes Intensive Hand Balm Rusted Window

Beer + Cigarettes Intensive Hand Balm

Blue Malva Shampoo and Conditioner Pure Concepts Salon

Blue Malva shampoo and conditioner set. Great for blondes! Neutralizes brassy tones in all shades and adds silvery brightness to gray hair. Formulated with blue malva and coneflower to help impart wanted moisture and brightness.

Bodacious Bath Oil - 4 oz Bath Junkie

Forget what you learned in chemistry class. We have broken the law of physics for the comfort of your skin. Our Bodacious Bath Oil contains water dispersing properties which actually enable it to mix with water. This allows the natural oils to be absorbed by the skin, leaving a non-greasy, silky-smooth after feel.